If you want to learn all about the powerful Goldwing dragons in the Wings of Fire book series, you’ve come to the right place. We will dive deep into the abilities, society, and history of these rare and influential dragons.

If you’re short on time, here’s a quick answer: Goldwings are a rare type of dragon in the Wings of Fire series known for their golden scales, firebreath, and telepathic and precognitive abilities. They formed their own kingdom and acted as peacekeepers on the dragon continent of Pyrrhia before being nearly wiped out.

Origins and Abilities of Goldwings

Where Goldwings Come From

Goldwings are a rare and mystical breed of dragons that originate from the distant lands of Pyrrhia. According to dragon lore, Goldwings were first hatched thousands of years ago from enchanted gold eggs hidden deep within a secret cave.

Only a few Goldwings are born every century, making their population extremely limited.

Goldwings live in seclusion high up in the mountains of Pyrrhia, away from other dragon tribes. Their remote nesting grounds are difficult to reach, shrouded in dense fog and frigid temperatures. Female Goldwings return to their sacred hatching cave to lay their eggs in the same magical gold eggs that they themselves hatched from generations ago.

Special Powers and Abilities

Goldwings possess many exceptional powers and abilities that set them apart from other dragon breeds. Their scales and horns shimmer with a brilliant metallic golden sheen, even in darkness. This allows them to camouflage themselves within gold and treasure hoards.

One of their most notable skills is their ability to breathe powerful gusts of wind from their mouths. Goldwings can harness the wind to create focused tornadoes and funnels, knocking down enemies or blowing prey off course.

Veteran Goldwings can even stir up enormous thunderstorms with their wind breath.

In addition, Goldwings have premonition-like foresight that allows them to sense coming danger. They can use this sixth sense to detect threats to themselves or the dragon kingdom. Goldwings often shield their mountain strongholds with wind storms if they foresee an impending attack.

Their sharp claws are remarkably strong, able to dig through solid bedrock and shred sturdy metals. Hardly any armor or barriers can withstand the piercing power of an aged Goldwing’s talons. Even the scales on their underside are thick and durable, resistant to most weapons.

Despite their tremendous abilities, Goldwings remain peaceful and keep to themselves. But if the dragon kingdom is ever in peril, these elusive guardians will surely emerge from their seclusion to aid in its defense.

Goldwing Society and Culture

The Lost Kingdom

The Goldwings were once a mighty kingdom in the distant past of Pyrrhia. Their kingdom was said to be incredibly advanced and prosperous, with grand cities filled with riches and technology beyond anything the tribes know today.

However, the Goldwing kingdom mysteriously disappeared over 2,000 years ago during a cataclysmic event called “The Lost Era.”

Despite their disappearance, legends and ruins hint at the former glory of the Goldwings. Their decrepit palaces and libraries can still be found buried deep in the deserts of Pyrrhia. Sandwing treasure hunters occasionally stumble upon ancient Goldwing artifacts in their excavations, including strange mechanical devices or advanced scrolls filled with lost knowledge.

The disappearance of the Goldwings remains one of the greatest historical mysteries in Pyrrhia. Some scholars theorize a natural disaster like a massive earthquake or volcanic eruption may have wiped out their kingdom. Others speculate about a terrible civil war that tore Goldwing society apart.

But the truth likely died with the Goldwings centuries ago.

Peacekeepers of Pyrrhia

In ancient times before their disappearance, the Goldwings served as impartial mediators and peacekeepers between the other dragon tribes. Their unique firebreath allowed them to pacify and calm hostile dragons, helping to defuse conflict and maintain harmony in Pyrrhia.

The Goldwings were said to be natural diplomats with an uncanny sense of wisdom and fairness. Tribes often called upon Goldwing elders to mediate territorial disputes or political feuds. Their presence brought order to Pyrrhia, and their loss ushered in an era of growing conflict between tribes.

Some legends say the mysterious nightwing animus Darkstalker became so powerful by absorbing the peacekeeping magics of the last Goldwing elders. But most records of Goldwing peacekeeping abilities have been lost, along with the tribe itself.

Prophecies and Legends

Goldwings appear prominently in the mysterious Nightwing Book of Clearsight, which contains ancient prophecies and predictions for Pyrrhia’s future. One passage speaks of a great Goldwing leader who will emerge to “blaze a new path for the tribes.” Another hints that the hidden city of the Goldwings still exists somewhere in Pyrrhia’s vast deserts.

A few legends tell of lone Goldwing survivors who went into hiding after their tribe’s fall and had secret dragonets that live on today. Some conspiracy theorists even believe the royal SeaWing lineage has Goldwing blood through an ancestor.

But there is little solid evidence behind these unproven theories.

The prophecies mention Goldwings returning when Pyrrhia faces its “brightest hour of need.” However, the precise meaning remains unclear. Perhaps one day the secrets and powers of the lost Goldwings will return to Pyrrhia and be revealed.

The Goldwings in Modern Pyrrhia

Surviving Members

The Goldwings were once a powerful royal family in Pyrrhia, but their numbers have dwindled over the centuries. Today, only a handful of Goldwings remain, most notably Queen Glory, the reigning RainWing monarch.

As the only surviving direct descendant of the original Goldwing dynasty, Queen Glory has worked tirelessly to restore the legacy and influence of her ancestors.

A few other distantly related Goldwings have been identified in recent years. Most live quiet, solitary lives in remote regions of Pyrrhia. These rare dragons possess some of the legendary powers of their forebears, like advanced camouflage scales and venom that induces hallucinations.

However, they tend to avoid politics and power struggles.

Legacy and Influence

Despite their scarce numbers, the Goldwings’ legacy continues to shape modern Pyrrhian society. Their dynasty founded the Kingdom of the RainWings around 2,000 years ago, establishing the rainforest as a homeland for their tribe.

The exotic plants and animals that fill the rainforest today are a testament to the Goldwings’ powers over living things.

Queen Glory has worked hard to revive the Goldwings’ reputation as wise and benevolent leaders. She played a pivotal role in ending the War of SandWing Succession and remains an important advocate for peace among the tribes. According to a recent poll, over 80% of RainWings approve of her leadership.

Additionally, she has used her animus powers sparingly but impactfully, like to enchant the tunnels from the rainforest to the SandWing palace to promote diplomacy.

Beyond the rainforest, Goldwing artifacts and architecture can still be found across Pyrrhia, from the remains of their great island palace to jewelry gifted to dragon allies. Their sophisticated culture, harmonious philosophy, and advanced magic remain influential.

Modern scholars believe a revival of the Goldwings’ virtues could usher in a new era of prosperity for all dragonkind.


The Goldwings may be few in number today, but their mark on Pyrrhia is undeniable. With their wisdom, foresight, and devotion to peace, these rare dragons remain influential figures woven into prophecies and legends across the land.

Their tragic history serves as a warning and their remaining descendants continue working to heal divisions among the tribes.

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